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Exclusive Promotion

Telco-Providers offers exclusive cash back promotions to customers who change voice or internet service providers. Promotions vary based on the services being ordered and the carrier selected, they can range from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Why are we doing this? Because we know that change is difficult. Often times new equipment is needed, maybe there is an early termination fee or at the very least professional services are necessary. We want to make changing carriers as painless as possible. That means not only coordinating with you on site surveys, delivery and porting but helping out with the financial commitments that go into the project.

These promotions are through Telco-Providers, not the carrier. What does that mean? It means we can use them along with carrier promotions like waived install or free months of service. So it’s like getting two promos in one deal.

So if you are considering hosted phone service, looking at moving to Office 365, want to reduce cost on your phone bill, or just considering a new internet service provider, then we need to talk. You might as well take full advantage of the cost savings or productivity enhancement a new provider will bring you and get cash back in the process.

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